Massachusetts State Flag
Massachusetts State Flag

Massachusetts State Flag

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3x5 Massachusetts State Flag For Sale

The Massachusetts state flag is also called the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Centered on a field of white the flag proudly displays the state's coat of arms. An Algonquian Indian with a bow and arrow is displayed on the blue shield in gold, with his arrow pointing down representing peace. Next to the top of his bow is a single white star with 5 points signifying Massachusettes as the 6th state to join the union. Above the shield rests a single arm with a sword signifying the philosophy that it is better to lose your right arm rather than live under tyranny, his sword is pointing up to remind everyone that is was through the American Revolution that liberty was won. Surrounding the shield is a blue ribbon inscribed with the Massachusettes state motto "Ense Petit Placidam, Sub Liberate Quietem," which translates to "By the Sword we seek peace, but Peace only under Liberty."


  • Made with bright, vibrant, and durable Solormax Nylon.
  • 2 brass grommets 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flag
  • Made in America
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