Nevada State Flag
Nevada State Flag

Nevada State Flag

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3x5 Nevada State Flag For Sale

The Nevada state flag has a variant of the state's emblem in the upper left-hand corner on a field of cobalt blue. A "silver" 5 pointed star with the word "Nevada" underneath it sits between two sprays of green sagebrush, forming a half circle. Above the star are the words "Battle Born", in reference to Nevada becoming a state during the American Civil War. The current flag was adopted in 1929 and revised in 1991 when they cleaned the image up and instead of the word Nevada wrapping around the star it was placed below it.


  • Made with bright, vibrant, and durable Solormax Nylon.
  • 2 brass grommets 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flag
  • Made in America
  • Sold by Americans